Education ERP

ERP Software for Educational Institutes

Education is one of those industries in India that is ever growing. With increasing literacy rate and number of students in Schools & Colleges, Educational Institutes normally finds it extremely difficult to manage all the aspects of educational institute/campus. This is where the Best Education Software Service Provider jumps in to help those Schools & Colleges.

It’s a nightmare for Institutes when it comes to managing & keeping track of staff & students. Managing a college manually is a challenging task. There are thousands of students and almost double the number of parents. There are a number of teachers and staff members in a college. Managing data of all stakeholders manually can be a complex and time consuming task. To establish a good reputation of your college you need all information regarding your students, their parents, teachers, and staff on your tips. And this is possible only by using good school/college management software.

Some of our Modules include

iERP’s Education ERP Software will take care of not only staff & student management but also other aspects of Schools & Colleges like payroll, fees management, attendance management, syllabus management etc. At iERP, we completely listen &understand your needs & requirements so that we can provide you an college management system that allows individuals and communities to interact easily and seamlessly across the campus in a wholesome environment that promotes efficiency, guarantees service delivery as well as brings personalized educational experiences to propel the desired outcomes.