ERP for Retail Business

Retail ERP Software

Retail is one of those industries that have a huge and intense competition. It is also the industry where more manual work is required than that of other industries like Education or Healthcare. Our ERP solutions completely fit into the retail business & can help you survive and thrive in an intensely competitive industry; this is what makes us the Best Retailer ERP Service Providers in the Market

iERP has helped many emerging and well-established retailers reach their goals in the presence of global as well as local competitors which have had almost unlimited resources.

Some of our Functionalities

  • Product Information
  • Sales Management
  • Purchase
  • CRM
  • Service Order
  • Ware House Management
  • Accounting

iERP has helped many new and established companies to overcome their global as well as local competition and reach their goals.We will help you overcome your competitors with our Retail ERP Solutions which will help you in decreasing the time consuming works and increasing the efficiency as well as productivity.

Retail ERP from iERP provides you with a single, integrated environment. You will be able to manage all your retail stores or say entire business, easily scaling to support growth in terms of target market, products, customers as well as transactions. Product information, Sales Management, Purchase, CRM, Service Order, Ware House management and Accounting connect seamlessly so you can efficiently supply the products customers want.

iERP’s Best ERP for Retail is designed to be easy to use for the people in your customer-facing operations as well as the back office. Grow your business and decrease the manual, hectic & time consuming works and increase the productivity as well as efficiency of your Retail store with the Best Retail ERP Service Providers in the market.

Advantages of Using Retail ERP

  • It can be easily implemented on various cloud based platforms.
  • The ERP Retail Software operates as a single centralized database that helps other departments to establish effective communication with each other.
  • The software can integrate all business processes into one single unified, coherent and technically advanced system.
  • The ERP system follows an n­tier architecture that allows maximum degree of interoperability.
  • It ensures smooth management of stocks and the supply chains.
  • It has the most optimized web interface which helps in reducing network traffic.
  • It provides on­line and off­line retailing functionality.
  • The program offers advanced security standards for protection of company data.