Security for ERP Software Development

ERP Software Security

ERP Software aka Enterprise Resource Planning Software is taking over the traditional paper work in every industry. ERP Software helps your company to reduce the manual & paper work required. ERP Systems helps various industries to modernize and unite various aspects of process flow in a business. The main industries involve Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Education & Health Care. When a software gets involved in the process flow or business flow, we start thinking of various security risks involved. iERP does that in the best ways possible with the help of latest technologies and best practices.

With all of these in mind, controlling the security access to ERP Software should be the priority to any of the ERP Software Service Providers. Though ERP helps in integrating many solutions together into a single software, without proper security, ERP’s loses their weightage and poses a risk to your business & company.

Some of the basic steps to take care of includes making sure the companies are running on ERP’s created through the most current version of technologies. Every Security control needs to be in place to manage system risks which include but are not limited to end-user security, data center operating, external threats etc.

Statistics say that 62% of external attacks include stealing credentials and remaining 48% include social engineering, which makes it necessary to implement strong authentication security to ERP Software. We at iERP leave no stone unturned to make sure that our ERP software are completely secure & hack proof.

With all these said, the question that remains in our mind is, How can we improve ERP Security?

Here is the answer to that question.

The traditional way to improve ERP Security is keeping user activity logs, installing proper and secure firewalls, limiting the access to data based on user. But with changing trends and modern times calls for improved & modern security measures, one example of this is two-factor authentication.

Using two-factor authentication protect you against most of the social engineering attacks. Security controls are not built into ERP Software, so finding an efficient and easy-to-deploy solution that integrates smoothly is key to implementing security without any extra hassle. We at iERP provide you an ERP with security controls that are easy to implement and easy to update.