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iERP is amongst the Best & Leading ERP Service Providers in India. We specialise in providing quality and secure ERP software for companies and organizations in following verticals.


In the world of manufacturing, time is money. With IERP’s ERP Manufacturing software,


Retail is one of those industries that have a huge and intense competition.


Education is one of those industries in India that is ever growing.

Real Estate

Real Estate Industry is one of the biggest industries in India as well as

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Why Choose Us?

At iERP we offer hassle free ERP solutions that will help you make money. They are low cost, tailored, fully scalable and combined with simply outstanding service. We bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project and we are constantly investigating new technologies and industry trends to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve. Our solutions are user friendly, easy to install and very flexible. If you are looking for a partner who will be as passionate about your business as you are, choose us!

  • We listen: We listen to & Understand your needs
  • We value customers: We prioritize customer satisfaction above all
  • Flexible and Scalable: Our software is completely scalable & flexible irrespective of number of users
  • Continuous product improvement
  • We provide erp for schools and colleges and erp for retail business also
  • We provide a completely tailored solution

Benefits of our ERP

There are many advantages to implementing the best erp systems. Among countless other advantages, implementing ERP software can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.
Here are the top five most common benefits that companies report:

  • Efficiency: ERP eliminates repetitive tasks and increases Efficiency & Productivity
  • Integrated Information: All information will be located in a single location instead of distributing them in different databases
  • Reporting: ERP software helps make reporting easier and more customizable
  • Customer Service: It’s a lot easier to provide high-quality customer service using an ERP system
  • Security: A new system will improve the accuracy, consistency and security of data. Restrictions to data can also be enhanced

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